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Together we change the world. Sutco Polska supports "Noble Gift".

Sutco Polska was involved in this years "Noble Gift" charity. "Noble Gift" is one of the largest social programmes in Poland. Thanks to the help of our colleagues from Sutco Polska team, we were able not only to gather money, but also many material gifts that were awarded to families in need.

As part of the campaign, in short time we were able to gather 2,400 PLN, as well as clothes, cosmetics, food, animal food, household chemicals as well as a table - therefore reaching all requests presented by family of Ms. Alina that we decided to help. This is without a doubt massive succes that exceeds our expectations.

Family that recieved gifts from our employees was touched and grateful for all the kindness. Generosity of our colleagues from Sutco Polska touched them deeply, making this years christmas special.

Thank you for your initiative and for that, that we can do good together. It`s an honor to be a part of such noble cause.

More information at: https://www.szlachetnapaczka.pl/en/