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Various aggregates for waste treatment. Components depending on the requirements and specific features.

  • Bag opener
  • Ballistic Separator
  • Box feeder
  • Bridge-type turning device WENDELIN
  • Bunker Management
  • Chain belt conveyor
  • Channel baling press (sister company unoTech)
  • Compacting unit
  • Conveying technology
  • Digital units
  • Disc screen
  • Dosing Feeder
  • Drop shaft shifter
  • Hard material separator
  • Line composting system BIOFIX
  • Portable compactors (sister company L&M)
  • Pressing container
  • Special construction
  • Steel construction
  • Steel plate conveyor
  • Transfer station (sister company L&M)
  • Trommel screen
  • Trough chain conveyor
  • Walking floor systems
  • Wind shifter
  • Wind shifter (3-way)
  • Zick-Zack shifter


All Sutco® components are part of our equipment engineering and are not available separately. If you need more information about our components, please send us a message.