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ProDIGIT – Digital solutions for sorting plants

Modern plants combined with digital solutions for marketable products.


The ProDIGIT software developed by SUTCO offers material flow-optimized waste treatment to the operators of sorting facilities, significantly increasing the efficiency of their various plant components. The software uses data from material detection and process parameters. Data from Sutco bunker management are used in addition.

Bunker Management. Automated and digitalised bunker emptying for the production of optimised bales. Designed with minimal energy input, with consideration for the different filling speeds of bunkers.

Optimised Throughput. The waste sorting facility that maintains required product qualities such as the level of purity. Intelligent measurement technology allows smart control of all stages up to the complex overall process.

Complete weekly, daily or hourly weight readings. Quantity adjustments adapted to the materials and composition allow continuous recording and online readout of the input and output quantities. Output data divided into material types, residues and similar, can be viewed at any kind.

Automated bale labelling. After the pressing process, the bale label is printed on a PET band that is firmly attached to the bale. Labelling is automatic for each individual bale after it has been weighed. Barcodes and QR codes can be read out by scanner.