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Sutco Polska as the strategic partner of the IPOK conference

Łódź. On November 15-16, 2023, the 11th National Congress of Municipal Waste Processing Installations (IPOK) was held in Łódź. Sutco Polska participated in the conference as a strategic partner.

This year's IPOK conference is two days of interesting conversations and panels, 20 inspiring lectures, 35 unique speakers and over 200 listeners. The speakers included industry experts, representatives of waste management companies, lawyers and practitioners. Their lectures, as well as the discussions included in the Conference program, became a space for exchanging knowledge and experiences on the operation of waste processing plants. The topics of the talks included: increasing the efficiency of plants, legislative changes, waste management or development directions and problems faced by the industry.

At the end of the two-day Conference, the participants visited the modernized Municipal Waste Disposal Plant - PGK Radomsko, where Sutco Polska carried out the expansion and modernized the installation for sorting municipal waste.