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New direction for the modernization of waste sorting plants

For a few days Marek Klimek, Sales and Development manager at Sutco Polska, has published the first article in the series on the industry portal Sozosfera entitled "In what direction should the modernization of municipal waste sorting plants go in the context of the required levels of recovery, the deposit system and ROP?"

These articles are related to Sutco-Polska's participation and Marek Klimek's speech at the Ekorum conference in Ryn "Waste in the commune", which took place on June 11-13 this year.

The articles raise key issues related to the future of municipal waste sorting plants, including requirements for recovery levels, the introduction of a deposit system and extended producer responsibility (ROP).

We invite you to read:
Part 1 - Waste law and policy
Part 2 - Economy, market and individual circumstances
Part 3 - Technology and efficiency