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Modern waste sorting plant for ProNatura Bydgoszcz

Sutco has completed the modernisation and expansion work of the waste sorting technological line carried out as part of the project entitled "Improving the efficiency of the installation for the recycling of secondary raw materials in the Waste Management Plant of the Intermunicipal Waste Disposal Complex ProNatura Sp. z o. o. in Bydgoszcz".

The main goal of the project was to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the waste sorting process and to increase the amount of municipal waste subject to recycling, and thus improve the quality of the natural environment. The new sorting technological installation enables, among others: sorting separately collected waste with different morphological composition and different share of undesirable waste, while maintaining the separation of individual material fractions at the highest possible level, in accordance with the assumptions.

This is the most modern and one of the largest Sutco sorting lines in Poland. As part of this project, the latest equipment and technologies were installed.“The investment is impressive in many respects. The total length of 165 belt conveyors is over 1.5 km, and the steel supporting structures weigh a total of approx. 500 tons, and one of the largest drum screens in Poland, over 18 meters long, was also installed. This is a major hardware and technological enhancement that will allow us to achieve results of up to 90 percent efficiency in the recovery of individual fractions” says Konrad Mikołajski, president of the management board of the Intermunicipal Waste Disposal Complex ProNatura Sp. z o.o.

This project is of key importance for our company as well as for the environment, consistent with our commitments to sustainable development and environmental protection.